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About Us and our Experience

AT RBR Precious Gems, it’s all about you, our customers! We dedicate ourselves to bringing you the best jewelry shopping experience we can. And we believe we have the expertise and the right people to do it. Our CEO Rafi Refaeli has a passion for quality raw stones. He has grown knowledgeable and has keen expertise in choosing quality gems that rank high in market value. He has been in the jewels business for over 40 years.

We have a partnership with Yale Business Capital, which make it possible for you to finance those jewels you want (this service more so intended for companies who are looking to buy jewels in bulk). We have successfully acquired our GIA certification, allowing us to offer our customers a product at wholesale value rather then department store prices. We sell clean stones. All of our stones are sold with their GIA certification.

Our Mission

We have a strong belief that any consumer of jewels will note that quality of our stones, and use them to create Real Bright Reminders in their home, for any occasion, that will bring the family together. Our company strives to supply a product that will bring both joy and happiness to our customers for years to come. Purchase our stones for birthdays, anniversaries, or just a simple " I Love You," in our broad selection of jewels you can choose what is right for you. Call our office today and speak with one of our associates and learn more about our products and the market value for them. We pride ourselves in offering a hassle free service to all our customers.

We offer our customers 100% Satisfaction Our associates have been trained and educated to answer any questions having to deal with the jewels sold on this site. A pleasant shopping experience for the newly curious to those regular gem connoisseurs is our goal. Imparting our knowledge to our client base is a priority to teach others how to care for and appreciate the natural treasures that many have yet to acquire. Offering satisfaction from our variety of gems and giving our customers quality products