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Clear cut diamonds (White Diamonds)

The White diamond has been valued for years found in mines all over the world. Knowledge about the Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color of the stone is what one looks for when choosing a diamond; these are known as the four C's. Each stone looked at to achieve maximum value should have little to no tint of color given off when seen in prime lightening. GIA certified stones show the authenticity of your diamond from a reputable dealer. White diamonds are treasured and do not diminish in value. The hardest stone in the gem family is that of the diamond. The diamond can be found in various shades of white growing cloudier with the more inclusions or cracks that it has. The clearer the stone the more valuable it is despite the carat weight.

Throne Allure (Fancy Yellow Diamonds)

The word fancy is attached to the yellow diamond depending on the deepness of yellow it possesses. Contrary to the belief of most, the deeper the yellow the diamond has raises its value. There is a difference between a yellow diamond and a white/ colorless diamond with a yellow tint. The color given off of a white diamond diminishes the value of the stone. Whereas, a canary yellow diamond rises in value with greater intensity in the color the stone preserves. Yellow diamonds range from light/pale yellow to a deep rich yellow that many term fancy canary yellow. With a premium cut stone to enhance the color of your fancy yellow diamond, one should place it in a yellow gold setting.

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