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Learn the In's and Out's on gems.

Below are some of the key information on gems. These FAQs ranges from things as simple as caring for your diamonds to determining the optimal value.

Am I able to take my gem to anyone outside your company to get appraised?
We encourage our clients to go to any jeweler and have the stones purchased evaluated. We sell our quality stones to our customers at wholesale sale price. One will recognize the bargain had when the value of their newly purchased stone is confirmed.
What should I look for when purchasing a diamond?
When purchasing a diamond one should look at the cut, clarity of the stone, color, and weight of the diamond. Our gemologist will be happy to assist you with learning more about each stone.
How do I care for my diamond?
Although diamonds are very hard they still can be damaged. When storing your jewelry be sure to separate the diamonds from one another and other gem stones to prevent scratching. Anything that cuts grease can also be used to clean dirt and oil from your diamond. There are a number of commercially sold jewelry cleaners that work well.

We offer our customers 100% Satisfaction Our associates have been trained and educated to answer any questions having to deal with the jewels sold on this site. A pleasant shopping experience for the newly curious to those regular gem connoisseurs is our goal. Imparting our knowledge to our client base is a priority to teach others how to care for and appreciate the natural treasures that many have yet to acquire. Offering satisfaction from our variety of gems and giving our customers quality products