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Glitz and Glam With a touch of Vintage

People often think of glamour when they first hear of Jewels and diamonds. Rare treasures that few possess can be yours to enjoy and commemorate memories for years to come. The value of these stones has made the demand for them rise. One can be the focal point of any room or subtly adorned with a colourful sapphire that makes a bold statement nonetheless. Any occasion will be remembered with a coveted treasure uncommon to many. Call today to talk with our specialists and ask about the variety of Beryl stones, diamonds, rubies and sapphires that we have to offer. Making this experience hassle free and enjoyable is our goal for our customers.

Educate Yourself

Rubies and Sapphires happen to be sister stones, originating from the same mineral corundum. The various colors of these stones gives one quite a variety to choose from. The most common color of sapphire that we find are the different hues of blue that are range from light hues to almost velvety looking stones. The hardest element with exquisite clarity is the diamond, which has been known as "a girls best friend," adding prestige to any setting you choose to place it in. Our raw stones are individually sold giving you more control over the size of stone and placement that one can visualize the stone in. Emeralds though very fragile, our cuts are designed to relieve the pressure that certain settings place on this delicate element giving you a gem with less inclusion.

Diamond Grading
and the 4 C's

The four C's together is what determines the value of each diamond. One does not take precedence over the other. The four C's are represented by each stones Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight these determine the value and quality of each stone.

Cut from a different stone

Shape is not the only thing people notice when they see a diamonds cut. The color that is reflected off of the facets and the rainbow scattering of light that the stone gives off is what captures their attention.

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Absence is the evidence
of value unseen

The Diamond industry has a widely accepted scale that allows one to grade a diamond based on the color/hue it gives off under optimal lighting.

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Not just for crystals anymore

Determining the clarity and of a diamond encompasses the amount of inclusions and blemishes the stone might have after being harvested from the earth.

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Carat Weight
Put on a little weight, you'll be
happy you did

Each carat weight is equal to 200 milligrams. The more carats a stone weighs, the higher the value of that stone.

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We offer our customers 100% Satisfaction Our associates have been trained and educated to answer any questions having to deal with the jewels sold on this site. A pleasant shopping experience for the newly curious to those regular gem connoisseurs is our goal. Imparting our knowledge to our client base is a priority to teach others how to care for and appreciate the natural treasures that many have yet to acquire. Offering satisfaction from our variety of gems and giving our customers quality products